Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well, I don't know what the weather is like by you, but here in Maryland, it is the most perfectly superb beautiful spring day. I slept with the windows open last night and woke up to sunny rays floating over my bed and birds chirping in the distance. Divine. So I had every intention of trying to be outside a bit today.

Unfortunately, because of my back problems, my mind is usually way ahead of my body! :) I thought I could lay out some garden bed edging because how hard is that, really? Well, as it turns out, the answer is too hard for me. It's definitely a 2-person job, or at the very least a one-person who doesn't mind repetitive bending job. Plus, my back's been bothering me more recently for some reason, so I guess it was wishful thinking, any way. So that rules out my plans for the day, since my hubby is out of town.

Oh well.

So instead, I thought I'd relax a bit and come share a card I made a while back for my husband.

My husband almost exclusively gets robot-themed cards (don't know why -- they just remind me of him, I guess...), but this time I decided to change it up a bit with a stamp by Kim Hughes for the now out-of-business Cornish Heritage Farms.

Hehehe Who doesn't love a skate-boarding monster? ;)

Okay, I think I've resolved myself to being extra lazy today. How does that sound? ;) So thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a beautiful day!



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