Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hi again! :)

I had a great trip home to Cleveland last week.  I ended up getting to see a ton of family members, which always feels great.  When I was growing up, my entire extended family lived in Cleveland, and we were all very, very close.  Now that I've moved away and most of them are still back in Ohio, I often feel disconnected from everyone and worry that everyone's forgotten about me.  This trip helped a lot to fix those feelings. :)

The main reason for me taking this trip is that my little cousin Chrissy graduated High School.  I wasn't at the graduation party, but I wanted to make a special trip home to spend some quality "crazy cousins" time with her.

We had a blast and were super girly... We lunched, hit up the new Ulta in town, went accessory shopping, got mani/pedis and ate more frozen yogurt than is humanly possible.  All in two days. :)

Here's the card that I made to mark the occasion of her graduation.  Sometimes I really struggle with a card and have to re-start or practically disassemble everything and reassemble before I'm happy with it. That was NOT the case with this one.  It all came together so quickly and naturally!  I was shocked!

(I apologize that the background of these photos is a little distracting.  I was in a hurry and just placed the card on one of my mom's striped chairs, not thinking about it...)

I made use of the adorable bear from The Cat's Pajamas Bear Hugs set and fashioned him a tiny graduation cap out of cardstock.  A friend of mine who was over with me saw me struggling to fit "congrats grad!" on the card and thought up the idea to use "bravo" instead.  Perfect solution! :)

The card had a good amount of dimension, since I used lots of layers and embellishments and popped the bear up on foam dots.

That's it for today.  Leaving you all with a goofy pic of me and my "crazy cousin" Chrissy. :)  Isn't she a total doll face?  I'm so proud of her!

Until next time...


Donna said...

You and your crazy are both adorable and the card is really cute! Love it. :-)

Simran Shah said...

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